The elite are trying to hijack democracy

In a democracy, the size of your wallet shouldn’t decide your political power. But every new election sees millionaires lining their preferred party’s pockets or trying to avoid the rules altogether.

Big money distorts elections and government decisions from many directions:

  • In 2015, loopholes in spending laws allowed the Conservatives to plough cash into marginal seats.
  • Campaigners to leave the EU colluded to overspend by vast sums during the referendum campaign.
  • Think tanks with opaque funding get privileged access to ministers, while both the DUP and Conservatives in Scotland are hiding the source of six figure donations.

The status quo makes a mockery of fair play in politics, but together we can take on the millionaire donors.

Sign our petition - demand politicians step in now.

We call on the government to urgently update election laws to secure our democracy. This needs to include:

  • Ending unlimited donations, restrict how much anyone can donate to political parties.
  • Updating election law to increase transparency, regulate online campaigning, and give the Electoral Commission broader powers to investigate and punish rule breakers.

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