Let's stand up for a people's constitution

Help us build a new movement to rebuild UK politics

Brexit has proven how broken our political system is. People, communities, and our elected representatives in Parliament have been shut out of the process from day one.

MPs failed to win a meaningful vote. Many rallied behind your concerns of a power grab, but it just wasn’t enough. The government is just too powerful with all the rules working to their advantage.

It’s time for a new constitution, one where we take control - over our lives, over our communities, over an out of control executive and a powerless parliament. A new constitution is the only way to create a fairer society where politics works for people.

Add your support to create a new constitution that:

  • Protects hard-won rights
  • Puts power in the hands of local communities
  • Curbs the influence of the most powerful on our political system
  • Brings in a fair voting system, where proportional representation makes votes matter

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