Make elections fairer, not lawless

Put democracy before party interest

We all want fair play in elections - but the Conservatives' plans will weaken the Electoral Commission and make it easier to distort democracy.

Parties and referendum campaigns have been breaking the law to secure victory - but our independent elections watchdog doesn’t have enough power to deter the same behaviour in the future. 

Now, the Conservatives are threatening to scrap the Electoral Commission or put the government directly in charge of its remit - letting them mark their own homework. 

Sign the petition to Michael Gove demanding that he puts democracy before party interest. 

We call on Michael Gove, as minister responsible for the elections, to reject calls to scrap or weaken the Electoral Commission.

We demand instead that he looks at ways to make elections safer from distorting private interests. This includes increasing maximum fines for campaigners who deliberately break the law, and giving greater investigative powers to the Electoral Commission.